We Need To Completely Stop Comparing Each Other. People Are SUPPOSED To Be Different.

Thought Catalog


As human beings, we need to stop comparing ourselves to one another. Recently, I have noticed a lot of my peers comparing themselves to those around them, and it’s causing nothing but negative vibes. Stop that.

You literally cannot compare two people because they have so many different aspects and quirks that make them completely unique and dissimilar. We are genetically made up of different stuff–how could we be the same as one another? Yes, people share similar characteristics and attributes, but no two people are exactly the same. Based on that principle alone, it shows you how silly we are to put ourselves down for not being or looking “as good as” someone else. If everyone in this world was all good at the same things and all did things the same or looked and acted the same, life would be boring and uninspiring, and quite frankly not…

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