How To Love A Girl Like Her

Thought Catalog

Be prepared to feel like you’ve been hit by a ton of bricks.

Get ready to experience the best and worst things all at once. Be willing to endure the words she says that can go from the most painful and isolating to the most perfect and heavenly. Know that you are fighting an uphill battle. Understand why she guards her heart the way she does. Notice the pain behind her eyes. Admire her strength and conviction. Revel in the moments when she lets you in. Recognize that even though they’re short, those moments mean more than you know.

Watch her try to find herself in the arms of another. Be patient. Drive her home and say good night. Allow her to go while knowing she’s not completely gone.

See her heart get broken. Help her pick up the pieces. Put her to bed after you’ve held her hair back…

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