The Kind of Mother I Hope to Be

la signorina triste

The colour of her hair could only be described as a mocha but the fancy type you’d get at a Starbucks. It was obvious to be a personalised amalgamation of browns that resulted into a contemporary hue so that nobody would ever dare to call her mousy. Every lock had its place yet the curls appeared relaxed, unmistakably sculpted only by a professional. My mother and I recognised her immediately as the woman and her family arrived at the airport to catch the same flight as us. The woman was a well-known media personality whilst her husband was the heir to a successful family business.

It was however her popular Instagram account that stood out in our minds more than anything else. The woman frequently published pictures online of her family, doting on them and illustrating her most prized role as a mother before anything else. Her party was thus…

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