7 Weird Things Best Friends Do That Prove They’re Your Soul Mates

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1. They help you decipher reality through intricately theorized empirical evidence you jointly gather from Facebook and Twitter. Oh, the person you like tweeted that they are tired today? Yeah they’re tired. Of missing you. Not to mention you talk about the same things re: your crush/ex/whatever and somehow it always seems like fresh, original conversation.

2. You (platonically) sleep in the same bed and even cuddle and don’t think anything of it.

3. You give each other all of the really extremely intimate details of your personal lives and nobody cringes or says they don’t want to know about that… you just nod and continue to analyze. And then ask the pressing questions no one else will.

4. They know all of your passwords and you can essentially combine your social media outlets to create power houses for creeping. Just another little perk of having someone who trusts you…

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17 Things That Happen When You’ve Been Friends With Someone For, Literally, Ever

Thought Catalog

1. Inevitably, you move to different states, go to different schools, and sometimes lose touch. But when you return, you’re still as weird and dysfunctional as ever before.

2. You don’t even need to get to the punchline anymore, they’re already laughing.

3. You become friends with their parents too, seeing as they’ve all but adopted you at this point. It’s not uncommon to receive texts from them on the reg.

4. You really do start acting like an old married couple. You’re not afraid to bicker, and honestly, you’re probably too attached to each other to stay mad for long.

5. Personal space has no bearing on you. Boundaries have completely dissolved into the “it’s 2 a.m. I’m miserable and getting into bed with you deal with it” abyss.

6. You get comfortable with silence, arguably the most awesome aspect of any relationship. You can go on trips together or…

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You go bro. Congrats!

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Shaun Tiong got in touch with us via a private message on Facebook, telling us about a batch of photos he had and wanted to share with us for FILM. We haven’t had a photo feature in a while, so after the different visual direction we took with images and establishing relationships with photographers in ISSUE #9: TRASH, we were more than happy to connect with Shaun and his striking photography. We are huge fans of his focus on people in his photographs, which we found to be a nice juxtaposition to the philosophies he shared with us about medium and technique. We hope you enjoy his photographs, accompanied by an explanation of the man himself about his history behind the camera.

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